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Starting Solid Foods to babies

When to start on solid foods? At  now ,  you'll  have  an idea  or are confused because  you've got  received  an excessive amount of  advice from family and friends with different opinions.  Rice, oatmeal, or barley? What infant cereal or other food  are going to be  on the menu for your baby's first solid meal? Have you set a date?  Remember  that every  child's readiness depends on his own rate of development. • Head control: Your baby should be able to sit in a high chair, a feeding seat, or an infant seat with good head control. • Babies may be ready if they watch you eating, reach for your food, and seem eager to be fed. • Can he move food from a spoon into his throat? If you offer a spoon of cereal, he pushes it out of his mouth, and it dribbles onto his chin, he may not have the ability to move it to  the rear  of his mouth to swallow it. That's normal. Remember, he's never had anything thicker than breast milk or formula before, and this may take some
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A complete guide on overeating and how to stop overeating

Introduction to overeating Overeating is a case of consuming calories more than required by the body on a particular day or even a single meal. These extra calories will not be converted into energy by your body more calories than your body uses for energy. People sometimes overeat, depending on the age, sex, height, and physical activity only a fixed amount of calories is required anything more than that is extra and is overeating.  You might be overeating just because you love food, or you have been a victim of stress and depression and started to overeat. Are you overeating? To find out you first need to know the calorie requirement of your body as explained above calorie requirement varies with age, sex, physical activity, and health condition. For example, a person who has a very active lifestyle will need more calories compared to a person whose life is sedentary. Thereafter, you can breakdown your food habits and item consumed into calories and compare for a period of

Cheese topped semolina pancake

Cheese topped semolina pancake  It's a quick and easy healthy snacking option you just need to soak it for 30 minutes semolina pancakes are popular in several cuisines in Indian cuisine it's known as Uthappam, Moroccon's know it as  Beghir. It can be served in breakfast, as a side dish, and a savory snack. cheese topped semolina pancake To prepare a semolina pancake you will need; Semolina -1cup Yogurt -1cup Salt -1/4tsp Oil for frying-1 tablespoon Baking soda/baking powder -A pinch Water to adjust the batter consistency -2cup Cheese of your choice But before that, I would like to give an idea of choosing the type of semolina,  please use fine-grained semolina. Semolina in this recipe is raw -dry roasting of semolina is not the choice for this recipe as it will cause a difference in taste and color  of your pancake Pancake batter preparation Mix semolina, yogurt, water to make a batter in a bowl Cover and let it rest for 30 minute  After this add salt and a p

Making Life Easier with a Toddler - Surviving the toddler years

Life with a Toddler Today while penning this story about mindful living I feel liberated from emotional turmoil and depression. Now I love being a mother and enjoying motherhood as a full-time homemaker mom, as my "Big Break" is still continuing. At the same time, I am also sure I will enjoy Motherhood even after resuming work. Beautiful Phase In my experience, this is the most beautiful and valued phase of motherhood when you see your baby progressing from an infant to a toddler your emotional quotient with your own fruit of love which is the obvious reason your child grows immensely. These cute moves of your baby make the mother strong and she learns to make smart moves in life like the kid who is growing smarter day by day. These can be simple advancements or changes yet very smart and parallel with the time. You can further enjoy this beautiful phase if you have some  Tips on Toddler feeding  handy. Mom and baby Smart choices that you can pick from my personal ex

Tips On Toddler feeding and Handling Picky eater's

Tips On Toddler feeding Desire to develop healthy eating habits in your toddler give them only healthy food. Why on this earth we want to give junk food to our children. If you give healthy portions to your kid they will develop the bond and taste with that kind of food. You shouldn’t be worrying about the portion or amount the kid knows how much he should be eating. It works both ways you controlling what to eat let the toddler be in charge of how much to eat . Picky eaters On reading this you must be thinking what if he eats less as most mothers worry. But by feeding a big portion of junk is doing no good to the body. Toddlers will be nutritionally deprived and will lose appetite for healthy food over time. We must understand this that like adults kid also have a system that signals his/her brain when they feel full or when they feel hungry. Let your child be the king here. They are in their best years about learning life and healthy habits. It’s mindful of them to know abou