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Making Life Easier with a Toddler - Surviving the toddler years

Life with a Toddler

Today while penning this story about mindful living I feel liberated from emotional turmoil and depression. Now I love being a mother and enjoying motherhood as a full-time homemaker mom, as my "Big Break" is still continuing. At the same time, I am also sure I will enjoy Motherhood even after resuming work.

Beautiful Phase

In my experience, this is the most beautiful and valued phase of motherhood when you see your baby progressing from an infant to a toddler your emotional quotient with your own fruit of love which is the obvious reason your child grows immensely.
These cute moves of your baby make the mother strong and she learns to make smart moves in life like the kid who is growing smarter day by day. These can be simple advancements or changes yet very smart and parallel with the time. You can further enjoy this beautiful phase if you have some Tips on Toddler feeding handy.
Mom and baby

Smart choices that you can pick from my personal experience

  • Healthy eating habit
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • Time Management
  • Me Time
  • Taking out time for your hobbies/passion ( that you always wanted to do but never did)
  • It can even be a newfound interest that you can work on like photography.

                          "Just starting loving yourself more and start living happily"

Time Management For  parents

1. Menu Planning
It is easy to spend considerable time contemplating what to cook than run multiple times to the supermarket for the specified ingredients. Menu planning eliminates this.

2. Spend Time Teaching the youngsters Tasks
It can often seem easier to try to do things yourself, but in the future, this is often not getting to offer you any longer time. By spending time teaching children to try to do simple tasks for themselves, not only will you increase their self-worth as you build their independence, but will eventually release a while for yourself as you'll not need to do that task for them.
Starting with small things like tying their own laces, making their beds, making a sandwich are good places to start out.

3. Create A System For Managing Paperwork
My toddler is simply a beginner but here is what I decide to do. Paper shuffling and procrastinating over paperwork can suck up an enormous amount of your time. Set yourself up a process for a way you'll affect the incoming paperwork then stick with it. I even have found out a process for managing school paperwork and have found that it saves me time and makes sure I complete the relevant forms on time.

4. Allocate Time For Yourself
I find to be effective with my time, I want to possess adequate space and time to recharge my batteries through the week. it's important to decide to have time to yourself as a mum/dad so you'll keep yourself well, gain perspective, and have time to think.

To be ready to allocate time to myself I want to understand where I'm spending my time, so I regularly write down my week to ascertain where I can slot in those things important to me. I detailed the method during this post – Writing Down My Week.

5. Prepare beforehand
I find this to be particularly important on behalf of me at the instant as I even have a gorgeous newborn baby who is yet to possess any defined “routine”. we've a rough starting and endpoint for his day, but in between those points, it all really depends on the day! With this in mind, I attempt to do the maximum amount as possible when he's asleep.

My lunch box process which you'll see here means I do most of it the night before. My husband and that I even have set tasks that we do in the dark before we attend bed to form sure we start the day with a fresh start – 10 Things to try to do Before You attend Bed.

6. Play With the youngsters
With a never-ending to try to-do list, you'll fall within the trap of forgetting the foremost important part of parenting, having fun together with your kids. it's important to plan a while to prevent and play. I feel it such an important thing to try to do for several reasons, firstly because it's fun, the youngsters like it and adults don’t play enough – it always causes you to feel better. Secondly by spending regular time with them, once you need a while to urge jobs done, you'll explain this to the youngsters and that they are less likely to be disrupting your task, demanding your attention.

7. Have Routines
Not all may be a fan of routines, but I find that they permit children to require greater responsibility for themselves. They know what's expected of them and when and thus can do more activities autonomously. you'll see our youngsters routines here.

8. Keep A to try to do List
As much as I really like my Mac and technology, one of my favorite tools is that the traditional pen and paper to try to-do list. I even have a little notebook that I exploit for this. At the beginning of every week, I will be able to write myself an inventory of activities that require completing. I include on this all activities that are known big and little.

The to try to do list then allows me to be more efficient with my time. I can group activities which will be done together. for instance, if I want to shop for presents for the children’s friends parties, return the library books and buy bread then I will be able to group these tasks. I will be able to make one trip to a shopping strip near the library so I can complete all of them in one trip.

9. Delegate / Share Tasks
These tasks may be an add on progress on behalf of me. As noted in my many thanks post recently, I even have been very lucky to possess help from great friends and family. Often I buy stuck in my ways and see the sole option as me having to try to do it all. this is often not the case as I even have a really helpful and supportive husband, family and network of friends.

Taking people abreast of their offers of help and delegating tasks to your partner are certainly ways to raised manage sometimes. Naturally, this is often not a 1-way street, and that I am always happy to assist others in this way also.

10. Communicate together with your Partner
This sounds quite obvious, but I often have a really clear idea of what I'm doing and assume my husband does also. Chatting about what's on our to try to-do lists, we will then compute cross overs and the way we will help one another out. My husband works within the city, so has access to major department shops, so if I want to try to do something like change over the dimensions of a child’s new item of clothing, he can often do that on behalf of me.

These sweet candies in our lives are the bundles of memories to cherish for a lifetime. I will be sharing these memories in my upcoming Blogs-stay tuned.

Healthy living tips for mothers- coming soon on my Blog.


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