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Top tips on DE cluttering in 2019

Top tips on DE cluttering The whole idea of living clutter-free life is very inviting in itself. It’s always advantageous to have less physical items around you, end result less time you invest in cleaning them; less time used for organization, as a result, you are relieved of some physical and mental Stress. An open space in your home is very calming, soothing and inviting. You don’t need to take loans for these entities if you start practicing  Minimalism . Where to start de cluttering? Maybe you have given minimalism and decluttering a thought but the question where to start might have pushed you back. You don’t need to be anxious about it just start from one corner, the one cupboard, kitchen closet or maybe your medicine cabinet. The start of minimalism or decluttering either of this should not be a painful or stressful start. Start simple things will never be as complex as you thought. In my opinion, you should give a chance to yourself once again and start fresh and sim

Integrate Minimalism in your life

Minimalism Minimalism is practicing mindful living; in my opinion, a minimalist person is a mindful person. If you are mindful or you have started practicing mindfulness you will automatically redirect yourself from being a cluttered personality to a minimalist one. What is mindful living? Mindful is being in the present and focusing on your mind, body, and soul. It is the moment of acceptance with a calm and composed mind. Mindful living/mindfulness is not being lost in your past or future. Minimalism is an aspect of mindful living.   I believe that minimalism and mindfulness walk hand in hand sorting your life toget her. minimalism By practicing minimalism, we create a space free of clutter which simple peaceful, and mindful. As discussed in the mindful eating post we are actually allowing us to live our lives in the present.   After you start practicing minimalism you become aware of what takes up your time and space even if you have just welcomed m

Mindful eating the healthy way of life

Who is a mindful eater it can be you if you choose to do so?   Mindful  is being in the present and focusing on your mind, body, and soul. It is the moment of acceptance with a calm and composed mind. Mindful living/mindfulness is not being lost in your past or future. Healthy living is an aspect of mindful living; you should eat your food with equal love and passion.  Healthy mindful eating is my new found love as well because it's beyond me and beyond any other individual. What we consume affects our food chain and the world as a whole. "Be a mindful eater". mindful eating Principles of Mindful eating :  Identifying the hunger stimuli - are you really hungry or you just feel like eating? listen to your body- don't overeat. Eat slowly - you shouldn't distract yourself while eating(avoid screen-times while you eat). Feel the food. Know your food better.  Eat for well being and eat what is healthy for you according to your age and healt

Moms are Like angels in our lives

Moms are Like angels in our lives "Mom the guardian angel" Moms are like  "The Guardian angel” the phrase in itself may sound Deep and thoughtful to some people and they might think who are they? They are your beautiful, caring, and beloved mother. They are always protecting you like an angel. But we realize this very late in life and sometimes some of us never realize that. Most people come to terms with this fact only when they become a parent. I also realized this late in life But I Am thankful to GOD, it was better late than never. When I moved to college away from my Mom and the responsibility of just taking care of my own self was rendered on me it was a tough period. This made me realize how we take our moms’ for granted and show no gratitude to her for everything that she is doing for us. It’s not an easy job to take responsibility and become that Good person who is responsible for his or her own self. The Foundation is laid by the mother while raising a

Self-care Tips in 2020 - How to take care of yourself?

Self-care Tips  What is self-care? Self-care is a conscious approach to take care of ourselves, our mind, body and health. Self-care is important and it's under our own control so we should never ignore this.  Taking time out for your ownself is self-care.  The idea and way of doing it can be different as we all anjoy and fell happy about different elements in our life. Why we ignore self-care? We are busy in our daily schedules and goals, there are targets to be achieved in all this we forget to take care of ourselves. Yes, it happens more with women because in most cases they have to master the art of managing professional, personal and family; life. So they are not able to take good care of themselves. But this doesn’t mean that men are taking good care of themselves they are also struggling, struggling to compete and grow, struggling to survive and bearing the pressure of life which has become very demanding otherwise you can say that “ we have made our so demanding

Simple Tips on organizing yourself post covid

Tips on organizing yourself Maybe most of us know how to organize our shelves, home, office, and many more spaces. Some of us are experts in this and can help others organize. In the bigger prospective there lies a question deep inside. Are we organized if the space we live in is organized? Well, it can be the case that organized spaces mean organized minds but with some people, it can be otherwise. Organized and presentable in their spaces but broken, shattered, depressed or frustrated within themselves is the story of many people. In this blog post, I will share tips on how to organize your inner self. Peace of mind How to start? 1.       Take a deep breath and think of activity passion, a hobby that can relax you quickly. Else it can be yoga, a meditation that can give you peace. Most people practice yoga and meditation for keeping peace with their mind and body. You should focus on what works for you. 2.     Now get started don’t think of someday or one day you wil

Body Odor: How women react to body odor?

Body Odor:How women react to body odor? Women just don’t love the word “ Body Odor” be it for themselves or anyone else on this earth. A man with body odor no woman desires. It’s really unpleasant to smell fishy in person or in public. When you smell and leave your characteristic body odor when you socialize its disturbing for people and embarrassing for you. It’s a sign of poor personal Hygiene. So now you know why women are so possessive about their perfumes and deodorant and keep carrying it anywhere and everywhere they go. You can find one in their purse, one at their work station and not to ask about their dresser. These cute little potions in beautiful packages really keep us beautiful inside and out. The psychology behind body odor is now predictable to you but at the same time, you should know the science behind it. It’s natural to smell and we all do and at some point in life you must have been there and cross the thin line from “natural smell to body odor”. Body

Belly Button Hygiene: How to clean the belly button? Top 10 tips

Belly Button Hygiene The Belly Button is the most ignored area of the body when it comes to hygiene most of the focus is on dental hygiene, clean armpits, body odor, and intimate hygiene. Talking of Bellybutton it’s not just there to collect lints. It is the center of our body and almost all nerve endings meet. Though some define it as a birth scar with a scientific name Umbilicus. The function of the belly button Most of us have read or heard that it provides blood and oxygen to the fetus but ignore its importance in life after birth. We only notice it later if we have some infection or bad smell or fluids. So it important to focus on belly button hygiene to keep some of these problems at bay.  Belly Button Belly button infection It happens because of germs settling down in your belly button because your not cleaning it properly or not cleaning at all, as a result, bacterial infection occurs which is most common compare to yeast infection. This infection will lead