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Tips on organizing yourself

Tips on organizing yourself

Maybe most of us know how to organize our shelves, home, office, and many more spaces. Some of us are experts in this and can help others organize. In the bigger prospective there lies a question deep inside. Are we organized if the space we live in is organized? Well, it can be the case that organized spaces mean organized minds but with some people, it can be otherwise. Organized and presentable in their spaces but broken, shattered, depressed or frustrated within themselves is the story of many people. In this blog post, I will share tips on how to organize your inner self.
peace of mind, yoga, meditation
Peace of mind

How to start?

1.     Take a deep breath and think of activity passion, a hobby that can relax you quickly. Else it can be yoga, a meditation that can give you peace. Most people practice yoga and meditation for keeping peace with their mind and body. You should focus on what works for you.
2.    Now get started don’t think of someday or one day you will start. Convert today into day one of your organization.
3.    When you start to meditate stay focused and concentrate on things that are taking toll inside you it can be people, your past and your anxiety about the future it can be anything.
4.    Now it’s time to DE clutter your mind of all such stuff, practice this process daily assure yourself these worries will not last you will last. Slowly you will start to feel at peace with yourself and will be a happier soul.
5.     Open mind needs open spaces to get that fresh breath.  At the same time start DE cluttering your home or office if you have too much stuff around that you longer use and have been piling around with the thought that someday you will use. Just get rid of this stuff. Sell your junk for some penny or donate it’s your choice.

6.    Set a timeline to organize your space to divide the task and areas step into organizing one by one. Don’t rush yourself in doing this you will start to panic and there won’t be any use of DE cluttering your mind. So to keep the balance take one task at a time.
7.     Start rewarding yourself when you reach your goals. No one else will come and tell Oh Wah! you are awesome and you did a great job. You’re the in charge of your happiness praise yourself.
8.    Reward yourself with things that you love doing. Buying things is not a good idea as you are DE cluttering and organizing at the same time. You can watch your favorite movie, go out with your gossip gang or take an adventure trip.
Reward yourself, declutter, organizing
Reward yourself

9.    Remember it won’t happen overnight but you have to take the first step that Day one” will help in getting yourself organized with time and be peaceful.
10. Keep on taking breaks from the monotony of your life that will help you grow as a person. A monotonous life is the major cause of frustration in our lives. So don’t forget to break the monotony.


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