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Body Odor: How women react to body odor?

Body Odor:How women react to body odor?

Women just don’t love the word “Body Odor” be it for themselves or anyone else on this earth. A man with body odor no woman desires. It’s really unpleasant to smell fishy in person or in public. When you smell and leave your characteristic body odor when you socialize its disturbing for people and embarrassing for you. It’s a sign of poor personal Hygiene.

So now you know why women are so possessive about their perfumes and deodorant and keep carrying it anywhere and everywhere they go. You can find one in their purse, one at their work station and not to ask about their dresser. These cute little potions in beautiful packages really keep us beautiful inside and out.

The psychology behind body odor is now predictable to you but at the same time, you should know the science behind it. It’s natural to smell and we all do and at some point in life you must have been there and cross the thin line from “natural smell to body odor”.

body odorBody Odor

What causes body odor?

It is caused by the breakdown of sweat by bacteria and we all sweat as we all have sweat glands. The apocrine glands as we call it in the armpit. The bacteria present on the skin surface breakdown sweat produced by these glands to give small.

Why some people smell worse than others?

·       Eating the wrong foods- these foods are not properly broken down by the body. Different food has a different chemical composition and hence the bacteria it attracts changes with composition. Hence the nature of smell changes from natural to distinctive body odor.

·          Foods that is complex and rich in sulfur is the major culprit these are eggs, broccoli, garlic & onion and red meat.

·         Higher alcohol consumption makes your body acidic that also causes you to have body odor. “All men out their keep a check on your glass of beer this is the culprit.”

·         In the condition of mental or physical stress the pH of the body shifts from an alkaline to acidic that causes body odor. “Don’t’ stress yourselves and stay away from body odor”.

·         Sometimes it can be your bad health because of which your body is in a condition of stress in that consult and expert or a Doctor for your health problem.

“Health is prime - Focus on personal hygiene – keep yourself clean- smell fresh"

Smell fresh, Body odor,Smell Fresh

8 tips for reducing body odor: 

These tips are suited or both men and women and not based on gender.

  1. Take shower daily and wash the areas where you tend to sweat more thoroughly, washing will help remove the bacteria from the surface of our skin. No bacteria -no sweat break down- no stinkiness or body odor.
  2. Wear clean clothes after the shower. Men especially keep a check on wearing fresh socks daily. A smelly sock will add to your body odor don't forget them . Keep your foot clean and use a deodorant powder in your shoes to keep bad smell at bay.
  3. Avoid eating foods that cause body odor, garlic, onion, etc. Eat less spicy food.
  4.  Properly towel-dry your body after you are out from the shower. If you leave your body damp you are giving room for more bacteria to grow.
  5. Use an antibacterial soap if you are prone to body odor especially. There are many available on the counter in supermarkets like Dettol, lifebuoy, etc. check the packaging for antibacterial labeling.
  6. Use antiperspirants, you can choose on the high or low strength based on your body odor. They are available in supermarkets and with pharmacists.  
  7.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day, it will help in flushing out toxins from the body and body odor reduction at the same time.
  8.  My final tip would be for an extreme situation where you have started feeling embarrassed and you are stressed about your body odor problem because it has reached a height where it's unbearable, insulting and disrespectful for you. In such a case you must consult a doctor to find the actual reason behind your body odor problem and act accordingly. But Following the tips above will help you to reduce it.

 which one of these tips you will follow/already following? leave a comment below.


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