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Digital DE cluttering: DE clutter and speed up your smartphone

What is digital DE cluttering?

Digital decluttering is all about clutter-free devices, smartphones, tablets, desktop, laptop, and iPad. The system of digital decluttering is based on the same principle as you declutter your home or your wardrobe. Delete what you no longer use or need, take a backup of things that you might use later on, organize the remaining based on your usage style or the productive. if you require your devices to deliver maximum productivity organize applications and software in a manner to increase your productivity and boost the performance of the device.

Is your smartphone a cluttered mess?

If your answer is yes. You have an application for everything and you are finding nothing when actually required. Your smartphone is messed up, rather than  maximizing benefits from the smart device it looks like a cluttered mess full of application and you have no idea how to deal with it and where to start like an entangled wire. Let’s get started to organize your device clear out everything you don’t’ need, organize things that you require.  I can’t live without my phone is common to answer these days because there is an app for every physical activity on your phone. The answer to all questions is in your hands only because you have a smart device handy with yourself. Probably you must be reading my posts on your smart device right now.
digital decluttering, smartphone decluttering
Application organization

How to declutter your smartphone?

Delete all unused apps

Every now and then you download a fancy app and then find out that it’s not useful for you the same as you by clothes which look fancy in the store but you never wear them and later on you need to remove from your closet the same goes on with these apps. You need to get rid of them to keep your phone clutter-free. You can track usage of your apps from the settings section in both android and smartphones and monitor your usage over the week or month and then delete all the stuff you don’t use.

 Hide pre-installed apps

There are many pre-installed apps in the operating system on your phone like apps related to the stock market, podcast etc it varies from brand to brand which you cannot delete as they are inbuilt but can hide them if you don't use them. In iPhone, you can drag all such apps to one folder and in android, you can simply go to settings and hide these apps. For android certain apps e.g NOVA launcher through which you can hide all your rarely used apps at one point.

Organize in folders

Organizing apps in few folders based on your usage or category of apps in folders can help your home screen and menu pages to look simple, clutter-free, easy to find and less messy. You can organize all your social medial in one folder by simple drag dropping in this way we will use them less and save some screen time. As most of the time that we spend our time using the phone is consumed by social media.

Sort out  gallery

Photos the biggest clutter, you don't need those 500 photos that you clicked for your friend's birthday or your cousin's wedding neither you need those 1000 pictures from your recent trip.
Delete random photos from your photos or you can sell or submit photos of architecture, nature, the street on Shutterstock, pixabay, and Flickr, etc. Create back up of your pictures in an external device if you really don't 'want to lose a single picture.

 Use cloud storage

iPhone users store your photos, music, videos in icloud instead of phone's physical memory, you can access your icloud from anywhere. Android users can use dropbox, google drive, amazon drive,

 Delete unproductive apps 

You must know the value of each application on the device. Are you benefitting from watching tiktok videos throughout the day or scrolling through endless online shopping applications? If not these apps do not increase your productivity in life. Deleting them is the best option this is again a step towards productive usage of your device. 

Organizing iPhone Home screen

Keep a minimum number of apps on your home screen. Make sure not to keep social media app on your home screen unless you are a social media manager or marketer. Listing social application on your home screen implies maximum usage of the apps and you end wasting more time than required.  Retain only productivity-based applications like calendar, notes, emails, reminders, and banking applications etc on the home screen so that when you open the phone at firstyou you make sure to finish the tasks that are productive for you and then go to other things that will consume your time.  Apps that are productive for you can vary from person to person or your professional requirement so organize accordingly.
digital decluttering
Home screen organization

 Android Home screen organization

The principle that will work here is your frequency of usage, clear off everything from your home screen that you use less and move the to application menu/ tray. this will maximize your productivity you can keep a maximum of 6 apps that you use frequently and have features that help you with your work or organization. The same idea for social media like the iPhone users also applies here. In the application menu, you can organize applications based on usage type, alphabets or the default version in which recent downloads or listed on the last page. In my opinion, the best way to organize it is on usage types, news applications in one page along with social media applications, health, cooking recipe based applications in one page, banking applications, and e-wallet in one page these are few examples for your understanding.

Take a technology break

Smartphones are a handy device but we are using it less for productive purposes rather than just sending our free time on the phone. so you must take a break from this.
If you like the idea of digital decluttering share your views in the comment section and share the posts with friends and family.

                                               "Use your  smartphones mindfully"


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