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Mindfulness and Health: How mindfulness complements you health?

How is mindfulness perceived in society? Mindfulness is relatively a new term for many out there and for others, it’s an extremist thing to do. An average adult doesn’t relate to it as part of mainstream society as society doesn’t believe in less is more. Over a period line of thinking has been changing and we have the new generation who agrees on things that logically satisfying and have a piece of scientific evidence. Mindfulness related scientific studies do claim that it is linked to your good health, peace of mind and ultimately a better life. Mindfulness Stress the “silent killer” as you might know is affecting your nervous system. We are constantly living with stress on professional/ personal levels Stress. Slowly and steadily it takes a toll on your health. Mindfulness has been proven time and again to reduce stress and its effects on the body, helping you maintain inner equilibrium in difficult times. Emotional health , another thing that we just don’t give enough a

Mindfulness Exercise for Peace of Mind and a Happy You

What is mindfulness Exercise? Have you ever came across this terminology of Mindfulness Excercise? Maybe not,  Its a very simple technique you have to just connect yourself to your breath. You may ask or wonder how is that possible? The answer is very simple it just requires conscious and continuous effort from you. Yoga for Happiness, yoga for mental relaxation you must have heard all of this butthebasic difference is that many of us practice yoga and some are really good at it but we are connected for only those few minutes when we actually practice Yoga. In the competitive world, we undergo a lot of pressure end result stress, depression, anxiety and many of us don't admit being depressed or having anxiety issues. We try to proclaim only our stress levels for some sympathy. Maneuvering through such phases is not easy but if your motivated and ready to accept your problem things will change for positive. I myself experienced this postpartum and found out ways to sail thro