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5 signs your in the wrong job


When the world is facing lockdown and bigger economies are worried about the effect of COVID-19 on job market, crashing markets, lay off and salary reductions are you still stressed about making things work at your end and making your boss and clients happy then you might be in the wrong job.

Are you annoyed invariably

If just the thought of going to office annoys your mornings without any significant reason you need a change. If small issues are significant then again you must consider a change. your constant dissatisfaction is affecting your family life and life with kids then change is long overdue.
work pressure, job stress, work stress
Work pressure

You are exhausted/tired all the time
we all know that work is very demanding these days in terms of time, effort and dedication but at the same time it should never be mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting al at once.

work stress,stress, job stress
work stress

Facing sudden health issues

As we know our mind guides as to what is good and bad for us so does our body. if you are constant victim of body pain, weight gain, excessive weight loss, anxiety attacks related to the completion of the task at work front. In such a case you must consider switching your job or job nature. If this is your case on an everyday basis then you must know that you are suffering from job burnout/collapse.

Sleep issues

Have sleep issues become a regular part of your life then you can trace it back to being constantly unhappy at work. This is mainly because people who are unsatisfied at their work often find it harder to sleep on time and sleep well.

You are better when you are bored

There is no challenge at work in terms of learning and you feel that your skills are not being used or you have nothing new to learn and progress. You are not able to get the required outcome from your job in terms of skill development and skill usage means you are in an unhappy space and you feel stuck then it's the time to unfold yourself and rediscover. Go find a job that satisfies your work pangs and gives you an energy boost.


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