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Fermented foods as immunity booster

An insight into fermented foods in present day

Fermented food has been the core of many cuisines around the world. Foods like kimchi, pickles, idli, dosa, ayran, sauerkraut and yogurt, more people now prefer to include these to their diet as research shows the positive effects it can have on health. 

The fermentation process allows bacteria to convert carbs into acids or alcohol, which then act as a natural preservative. Fermented foods are gaining more popularity in the last few years. The sudden outbreak of pandemic and the idea of a better immune system will upscale the consumption a little further. In traditional methods, fermentation is a method of food preservation.

If you are curious about the food is safe, then the answer is yes. Principal reason is being, good bacteria outnumbering the spoilage bacteria in the process of fermentation. Fermented food act as a probiotic and introduces healthy gut bacteria to the system. A lactobacillus bacterium is commonly associated with most fermented foods which are a natural fauna among gut bacteria. "Increased lactobacillus, in the gut, is a sign of a healthy gut ecosystem,”.

Gut microbiome study has shown several times more the number of lactobacilli in the gut ecosystem better the immune system of the person. Though there is less data available about COVID-19 response to a healthier immune system. But better gut health and improved health of humans can be a factor to further push the usage of fermented foods as immunity booster any day especially in times like these when we are under constant fear and increased pressure to boost immunity to protect and safeguard ourselves.



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