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FAQ’s before starting minimalist life

FAQ before starting minimalist life

Will minimalistic life make me self-content?

It is a great way to start a simple and clutter-free life that will keep you happy and content. But that doesn’t mean you do it once and you are done it’s a method that you have to follow and adapt in your lifestyle and daily habits. Keep in mind it’s like therapy that you have to practice to make you a minimalistic person. It’s not that one pill that will cure all your pain.

It’s a journey that you have to start with a strong will and determination at your own pace, no need to rush into minimalism. If you start slowly you will love and continue for a long time and you will be appreciating those little things like the small amount of money you saved from overspending and the donations that you made from a pile of books, furniture clothes etc. will give you contentment and you will love it.

Will my life becomes boring after adopting minimalism?

The answer is no unless you are a highly materialistic person with rigid attitude towards your material life which you don’t want to give up. Rather the journey of minimalist is more interesting as they have more time compared to you doing positive and quality things that they enjoy and adore which makes them happier and satisfied.

minimalist workplace
Minimalist Workplace

Do I need to lose my emotional quotient?

Keep in mind having less doesn’t mean it’s a zero there is obviously no rules to living luxuriously, luxury doesn’t come with materials stalked all-around you What satisfies your soul is a luxury for you.

If you are emotionally attached to certain things you don’t need to give away or donate those things but if you say you have an emotional attachment to everything around in your house then it’s not emotional at all “ you are just a hoarder” and you need to give up on this habit of yours. The idea is to not hoard and keep less and keep on isolating and giving away the items that you no longer use or rarely use. You can keep on those items that you have real emotional value attached.



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