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Prebiotics for healthy skin: Men and women embrace it

Healthy skin is a result of your good gut health, no matter whatever you do topically for your skin would be temporary unless you have a healthy gut. Some of you might have heard beauty is deep. Genetic inheritance, your diet, and gut health together contributes to healthy radiating skin. So, you have to focus on maintaining a healthy gut, which suggests a good gut microbiome which will help maintain beautiful glowing skin. Probiotics and prebiotics can assist in balancing the good and bad microbiomes of the gut as a result they will help in maintaining the quality of your skin.

What are prebiotics and probiotics?

Prebiotics are no digestible carbohydrates that allow the growth of certain bacteria in the gut. These occur naturally in foods like asparagus, garlic, onions, wheat, oats, and soybeans. They're also in foods with carbohydrates, like psyllium, whole grain wheat, and whole-grain corn.

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good for your gut health as they sustain the growth of bad bacteria and promote good gut flora. They improve digestive health and the best way to have it is from fermented foods.

Relation between gut health and healthy skin

Having a healthy gut microbiome could be your first and most important step to beautiful, healthy skin. The reaction between gut and food can affect inflammatory reactions in the body which can trigger the onset of acne and psoriasis.

Do you have a healthy gut?

The gut microbiome is an indispensable part of our GI system and immune system. The gut flora and fauna accumulate many trillions of bacteria, fungi, virus protozoa which are very crucial to our GI health and over health. These bacteria help improve and maintain the balance of digestive, immunological, cardiovascular health, and healthy skin. A balanced diet with a good amount of probiotics and prebiotics is important in maintaining the gut flora and fauna.

Impact of gut and influence of skin

Do you notice yourself when you have been eating unhealthy, deep-fried, sugary food your skin-pops out as acne and you realize you have not been eating well means your gut is loaded with unhealthy food resulting in unhealthy gut and inflammatory immune response in the form of acne. This highlights the relation between gut health and skin health

Many skin problems are also associated with the microbiome. Study shows that nervous, immune and endocrine systems all transmits a message to the skin, and this relationship

allows prebiotics and probiotics to control and relieve skin conditions like psoriasis with a healthy diet filled with probiotics and prebiotics. The research is still undergoing to discover more relation between gut health and healthy skin. Stay tuned on my blog for the latest updates.


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