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Tips On Toddler feeding and Handling Picky eater's

Tips On Toddler feeding Desire to develop healthy eating habits in your toddler give them only healthy food. Why on this earth do we want to give junk food to our children. If you give healthy portions to your kid they will develop the bond and taste with that kind of food. You shouldn’t be worried about the portion or amount the kid knows how much he should be eating. It works both ways you control what to eat let the toddler be in charge of how much to eat . Picky eaters On reading this you must be thinking what if he eats less as most mothers worry. But feeding a big portion of junk is doing no good to the body. Toddlers will be nutritionally deprived and will lose appetite for healthy food over time. We must understand that like adults kids also have a system that signals his/her brain when they feel full or when they feel hungry. Let your child be the king here. They are in their best years about learning life and healthy habits. It’s mindful of them to know about themsel

Baby Food- semolina Pudding- simple and healthy recipe

What is semolina? Semolina  is formed  from  one among  the world’s most sought-after  sorts of  wheat –  durum  – which is carefully milled  to supply  golden grains of semolina. Semolina Pudding It's a simple recipe with only four ingredients for your kids and toddler.  In this blog, I will also, be sharing more healthy recipes for kids & toddler which are simple in nature and requires Minimal Ingredient. Baby food- semolina pudding Ingredients: Semolina: 1tbs Milk:         1 cup Sugar:       1tbs Raisins:     presoaked in water (15-20 no.)  Preparation Dry Roast semolina till light brown Add milk and keep stirring continuously Let it cook for 2-3 minutes Add  sugar and cook for another 1 minute Mix the raisins and remove from flame Serve cold  How to make Semolina Pudding in Microwave? Cooking Instructions Place the semolina and 1/2 cup of the milk into a large microwave-safe bowl and mix into a smooth paste. slowly add the

Living with Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is rising among women today. Women are experiencing a lot of changes during the course of pregnancy and after delivering the baby. Physical and hormonal changes in the body and the increasing pressure of a healthy and happy life for the baby from spouse and family and dear ones including the women herself doesn't let the women enjoy motherhood. As a matter of fact, most women go through a phase of depression which is severe in some cases and medical help/counselor advice needs to be taken.  "The Deeply rooted problem lies in the priority of two lives- the eye candy or the broken soul." I believe nobody Knows who to prioritize. But everybody knows how to keep the balance but the family and partner are missing to strike the balance. The emotional turmoil takes a toll on the woman and she starts to feel ignorant and the broken mother starts to live with depression. As this is against her expectations it is the case with full-time homemaker Mom

Yoga and Meditation simplified

Before yoga was a famous actual exercise, it was, for a huge number of years, chiefly a contemplation practice. Care with Yoga In a yoga class, as you figure out how to do yoga posture, you will be told to see your breath and how your body moves during the activities. The will be the establishment of a brain-body association. An even arrangement of yoga practices offers you the chance to check your whole body, taking note of how you feel as you advance through the postures. You may start to acknowledge, for instance, that one side of your body feels unique in relation to the next during a stretch, or that it's simpler to adjust on your correct leg, or those specific stances helps ease pressure in your neck. This is how yoga transforms actual activities into devices to assist understudies with turning out to be careful and even figure out how to reflect. Figuring out how to know about your stance at your work area or when you stroll, for instance, can be the initial step to making u

All about Yoga- You want to know.

 It's an ideal opportunity to reveal your yoga tangle and find the blend of physical and mental activities that for a considerable number of years have snared yoga professionals around the world. The magnificence of yoga is that you don't need to be a yogi or yogini to receive the rewards. Despite   whether  you're   youthful or old, overweight or fit, yoga has  the power  to quiet the mind and strengthen the body.   Try not to be scared by yoga phrasing, extravagant yoga studios, and muddled postures. Yoga is for everybody.  What Is Yoga?  Above an actual exercise, yoga is a full psyche and body work out. A bunch of explicit activities, called presents, joined with explicit breathing methods and contemplation standards are the structure squares of a yoga class. On the off chance that a posture causes torment or demonstrates excessively troublesome, some varieties and adjustments can be made to help understudies. Props like squares, covers, and lashes — even seats — can be