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Starting Solid Foods to babies

When to start on solid foods? At  now ,  you'll  have  an idea  or are confused because  you've got  received  an excessive amount of  advice from family and friends with different opinions.  Rice, oatmeal, or barley? What infant cereal or other food  are going to be  on the menu for your baby's first solid meal? Have you set a date?  Remember  that every  child's readiness depends on his own rate of development. • Head control: Your baby should be able to sit in a high chair, a feeding seat, or an infant seat with good head control. • Babies may be ready if they watch you eating, reach for your food, and seem eager to be fed. • Can he move food from a spoon into his throat? If you offer a spoon of cereal, he pushes it out of his mouth, and it dribbles onto his chin, he may not have the ability to move it to  the rear  of his mouth to swallow it. That's normal. Remember, he's never had anything thicker than breast milk or formula before, and this may take some